How to Add Recycle Bin Feature on Android

If you are using a computer is certainly no stranger to the Recycle Bin, the Recycle Bin function is to hold the files - files that have been deleted and also gives us the option to restore deleted files. On Android, there is no Recycle Bin feature, so if you delete a file, the file will be permanently deleted.

However, we can use third-party applications that can be downloaded for free at PlayStore, the name of the application is Dumpster. This application will add the same features as the Recycle Bin like your computer.

How to Add Recycle Bin Feature on Android :
  1. Download and Install Dumpster in PlayStore
  2. After installed open the application and then accept "End User License Agreement"
  3. In the Initial Setup, select the file types to be stored when removed
    Dumpster 2
  4. If your android rooted you can Allow Root Access in order to improve application performance Dumpster
  5. Dumpster ready for use

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