11 Most Dangerous Virus on Android

A computer virus has become the most frightening thing in this Internet era. With more and more aspects of life are turning to methods of computerized and connected via the Internet, a virus attack would be of particular concern.

Virus on a smartphone is same dangerous like on the computer. There is a virus that can steal data and your pictures, a virus that makes your smartphone constantly restart, and make your Android can not use anymore.

1. Engriks

Your Android ever displaying the warning "Unfortunately Measure / Engriks Has Stopped"?
If yes, you have been infected Engriks virus. Once exposed to this virus Android you will continue to show strange warnings, such as Monkey Test has stopped, etc.

2. Cyber.Police

Recently there ransomware named Cyber.Police that infects through porn sites. If infected by this ransomware, your Android will not be able to be used because it is locked by a pop up that constantly appear on the smartphone screen.

3. Shedun, Shuanet, dan ShiftyBug

Shedun, Shuanet, dan ShiftyBug

You could say these three types of malware are the most dangerous virus for your Android device. This Android malware will cause your android can not use it again!

4. Android PowerOffHijack

This dangerous virus will make your android suddenly die while the battery is still full. Not only that, while Android you die, malicious virus going to use phone services, SMS, and access your camera. Because when you think smartphone you die, but in fact, the middle accessed by parties who are not responsible.

5. Stagefright

This dangerous virus could have a big impact on more than 1 billion users of Android smartphones, especially Android smartphone LG, Samsung, and Google Nexus. Hazards that can be generated when Android users already infected Stagefright are people who are not responsible for utilizing data stored in your Android for specific purposes, Stagefright can also be used for accessing your Android devices.

6. Obad

If your smartphone is infected by a virus known as Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a, you will often lose pulses and your android will often hang. Obad viruses infect by having you download an application on a specific web page, after installing the Trojan virus will start attacking the system in your smartphone.

7. Hipposms

This Malicious virus Android will take over the SMS system on your smartphone, then sign up for a paid SMS services. If it is already infected with this virus, the only way to fix this is to do a factory reset and also replace the new number.

8. Drsheep

The class of Trojans, this malicious Android virus is able to hijack your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Another name of this virus is HackTool.AndroidOS.DroidSheep.A when detected in safe mode or antivirus you use.

9. BaseBridge

Viruses are known by other names Andr / BBridge-A, use the application privilege system to install third apps that dangerous on your Android device.this dangerous virus also can scan all the contents of your message.

10. Battery-A

If you are a user who likes to use battery-saving applications such as Battery Doctor, then you should take care of the trojan on this one. Battery-A virus will infect the battery saver application, and then continue to make an application to report you to saving battery. When in fact, a dangerous virus being corrupt system data on your smartphone, so make your Android's battery more extravagant. 

11. DroidDream

Are you someone who likes to download apps from the third apps store?, Be careful with some of the game, because it could be the game has been infected DroidDream. This dangerous virus will infect through the Android application that has been inserted malware. Once infected, yours Android device will be controlled remotely, and collect data on the Android you in a secret server.

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